Armadon - The Perfect Theme for Your Gaming Community

Armadon - The Perfect Theme for Your Gaming Community

The Armadon theme from TemplateMonster has been built from the ground up with gaming communities in mind, but it’s also great for any type of website you want to build - blogs, event planning, news/media, and more. Here are just some of the features that Armadon has to offer. If you run your own gaming community or sports team and you’re looking to build a website, Armadon can help you put together the perfect site in no time at all.


Armadon - The Perfect Theme for Your Gaming Community

It comes with 15 different color schemes, 12 header styles, and dozens of shortcodes to make your site look the way you want it to. Plus, if you need any help, we’ve got an awesome support team that can answer any questions you have quickly and easily! Our theme has hundreds of 5-star reviews because it’s easy to use and looks great on any device, so check it out today!

How does Armadon Work?

The layout options and live theme customization make it really easy to create a nice and professional layout that can fit different types of websites. Be sure to check out all of its features as there are plenty of great ways to customize your website. You can start adding content straight away with great blog functionality and add news items, team information, project ideas, or videos. 

There are also plenty of options if you're running an eCommerce store such as built-in tools to accept orders, payment systems, shipping management, inventory management, and more! If you need support finding what you need there is a support desk available via email or chat. The best way to get in touch with them though is via Facebook where they are always responding quickly :)

How to create a unique theme with the built-in editor

Armadon is a mobile-friendly theme with a clean, professional design that's easy to configure. With its built-in editor, you can quickly and easily customize your site in any way you see fit. With just a few clicks of your mouse, you can change everything from text color to font face. This versatility makes Armadon a perfect option for bloggers who want an easy-to-customize theme they can adapt to their own blog’s specific needs.


Armadon - The Perfect Theme for Your Gaming Community

Plus, with a focus on responsiveness and SEO optimization, Armadon will help ensure your website appears where it should when visitors search online. It also features translation support, so you can make sure everyone sees your content correctly no matter what language they speak. You can even choose how many columns to display your content in—this helps you create a custom layout for every page of your site! With such robust features at such an affordable price point, there’s no reason not to try out Armadon today!

How to add content (text)

You can add posts, pages, and portfolio items using WordPress’ built-in editor. When you first log in to your site, you’ll land on a page called Add New. This is where you can add a new post or page. Clicking Posts will take you to a blank screen that looks similar to Google Docs it has an area for text, an optional featured image (typically your logo), and some Metadata including category and tags. 

Page templates are used in much of WordPress to create sites because they give authors default design templates that include a header image, intro text, and more.  To get started with adding content, click Pages and then choose Add New. If you want to create a portfolio item like an About Me page or Work Samples gallery, click Portfolio instead.

Content Templates

A big part of why Armadon is great is its flexibility. With built-in content templates, you can easily set up your website to feature content such as news articles, blogs, team profiles, contact info, and more. It's not just about how well your theme looks; it's also about being a user-friendly solution. And with Armadon, you're getting both—at a very affordable price. Check out our demo site to see Armadon in action! The Science behind Why Coffee Makes You Poop: 


Armadon - The Perfect Theme for Your Gaming Community

One study showed that drinking four cups of coffee a day led to an increase in daily bowel movements by 75%. That’s good news if you struggle with constipation. But if you don’t, or if your problem is diarrhea instead, you might want to skip that morning cup of Joe (or at least switch to decaf). In fact, caffeine has been shown to trigger irritable bowel syndrome symptoms including cramping and diarrhea.

Creating Pages

Using a content management system (CMS) like WordPress or Joomla? Adding pages to your site is simple. Just create a new page in your CMS, type whatever you want into it, and publish! Page creation takes only seconds and offers many opportunities to optimize your site structure. It’s best to place key content near your homepage and make sure all your top menu items lead back there. 

Remember that it doesn’t matter how great your design is if visitors can’t find what they are looking for! Also, keep in mind that a well-structured site helps search engines better understand your content. For example, if you were creating an eCommerce store, consider adding product categories/subcategories so people can easily browse through your products by type or price range.

Adding Media Files

You can now easily add any type of media file to Armadon from your WordPress media library. Simply click on Browse Media under Add Files. And that's it. You'll see a preview of your files and will be able to add them by clicking on Select Files. When you're done adding all your files, click on Insert into Post. That's all there is to it! You should now have your images/videos/audio in place. Enjoy!


Armadon - The Perfect Theme for Your Gaming Community

Advanced Customization Options (CSS & JS)

Customizing your theme with CSS and JavaScript is incredibly powerful. Most themes come packed with features, settings, and options out of the box, but you can use CSS and JavaScript to make your site even further. Armadon's flexibility allows you to tweak certain aspects of your theme based on your users' feedback or updates from us. 

You'll be able to integrate custom plugins or develop a complete framework to build an interactive community website that fits all of your needs. No matter what level of expertise you have in CSS/JavaScript (or lack thereof), we're here to help you through it! Our support team is also happy to answer any questions along the way as well.

What Next?

Before you begin, you should consider a few important factors. Will your website need to be mobile-friendly? How much space will it need? Do you plan on including eCommerce or forums? The answers to these questions may impact which platforms you choose and how much time (and money) you want to spend building. 

Ultimately, WordPress is an excellent platform with an enormous selection of plugins, themes, and developers; however, it can seem overwhelming at first glance. Plus, if you'd like even more customization options and finer control over every aspect of your site's design, turn to a content management system such as Drupal or Joomla!


Armadon - The Perfect Theme for Your Gaming Community

Download Armadon Gaming Theme Free

Downloading Armadon will not only allow you to use it on your site but gives you access to every theme we have in our portfolio. With over 60 different themes, there’s no better time than now to take advantage of everything Proxima has to offer. Using our easy-to-use theme manager, update your sites with new content, choose a new layout, or apply custom CSS to truly brand your community. 

Armadon can be used by gaming teams, fansites, and bloggers alike. All of our themes are mobile responsive so using Armadon on an iPhone is just as easy as using it on a desktop computer or iPad. What's even better is that all of our themes come with unlimited access and support!

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