Cyber Plus - The Gaming Theme That Will Make You a Legend

Cyber Plus - The Gaming Theme That Will Make You a Legend

Want to set yourself apart from the pack and make everyone jealous of your gaming prowess? Then it’s time to get Cyber Plus – the latest gaming theme in fashion, full of awesome design elements dedicated to gamers, studios, and leagues that will truly make you the legend you were meant to be. Check out these great features!


Is this premium WordPress theme really worth it?

This CyberPlus theme has been designed exclusively for gamers and is loaded with magazine-quality features, including sleek sliders and eye-catching design elements. It’s certainly not cheap, but if you are looking to add a touch of finesse to your Night City-themed website, then CyberPlus is going to make you look like a gaming legend. 

With such elegant customization options, it's no wonder that some of our favorite gaming websites have already made use of these features. If there's one thing we know about gamers, it's that they'll recognize class when they see it. A premium WordPress theme doesn't get much classier than Cyber Plus! It takes all sorts.

A look at the design

CyberPlus was designed to help gamers keep up with their favorite game news and updates in one stylish place. With its clean design, CyberPlus is crafted for easy reading and easy viewing of everything from screenshots to scores to trailers. News is our number one priority here at Prime Magazine, which explains why we know what readers want most: To be able to stay up-to-date on every corner of gaming news without ever clicking out of their favorite theme. 

And when you’re finished checking out all your favorite games, you can head over to our Movies section and catch an update on new blockbusters. And that’s not all! We have a dedicated Sports section where you can find out who won last night’s big game, as well as what teams are playing next. It doesn’t matter if you prefer football or baseball; we have it all covered. Of course, there are plenty of other sections to check out while you browse through Cyber Plus just make sure to bookmark us so you never miss any major updates.

If you don’t have time for reviews, read this blog instead

If you’re not familiar with blogs, it’s essentially an online magazine. And because they change over time, blogs can be fantastic resources to read when you don’t have time to read something in depth. In fact, most bloggers will tell you that one of their main goals is to make their posts worth reading in ten minutes or less, or as they like to call it: digestible. 

If you’re looking for information and entertainment, blogs are a great way to find both. They tend to update daily (sometimes multiple times) so there’s always something new waiting for you. The best part? It doesn’t take long to get through them. In fact, some bloggers say they aim to write posts that can be read in five minutes or less. So if you’re short on time but still want to learn something useful, try skimming through a few different blogs today!


Cyber Plus - The Gaming Theme That Will Make You a Legend
Meet Pixelic Studios

Our story began as a group of gamers who wanted to bring our favorite game studios and gaming league logos into our devices. It has been more than 5 years since our first theme and we are proud to say that we have supported a lot of great leagues, gaming studios, and most importantly people. But don’t worry if you haven’t heard about us yet. It’s time to set things straight with Cyber Plus - 

Pixelic Studios’ new gaming-themed design will be available for Android devices. With an incredible selection of 2D and 3D art, there will be no doubt in anyone's mind that’s just taken over their device. This is absolutely one theme you do not want to miss out on! And even better? It comes with built-in customization options that make it easy to apply your own custom logo or change colors to match your team’s colors.

Could I put my site on this theme?

One of Cyber Plus' big selling points is that it's only made for gaming. It's not generic, like so many other themes in SteamSpy's database. Sure, you'll have to take our word for it will be hard to find anyone willing to try out your theme without some serious trust on your part but if you can get someone to use Cyber Plus on their site; they'll turn into an instant fan and advocate. 

After all, who doesn't want their site to look incredible? If you think about it, there are probably thousands of people out there who would be thrilled to use something just like Cyber Plus on their sites. All you need is one or two of them with enough clout that others pay attention.

Why choose this premium WordPress theme?

Cyber Plus is completely different from any other gaming theme on Envato. It has everything you need to get your game website up and running in no time. This theme makes it incredibly easy to start blogging about your favorite games and leagues, while also providing you with unique features like social media integration and much more. There’s even special support for popular payment processors like PayPal and Stripe. 

If you love video games, there’s simply no better WordPress theme for you than Cyber Plus! One-Click Install: To help you get started right away, we have included one-click installation as part of our premium theme package. No need to mess around with codes or wait for customizations—you can be ready to go within minutes of downloading your new gaming WordPress theme. Try installing yourself today and experience how easy it is!


Cyber Plus - The Gaming Theme That Will Make You a Legend

Are there any similarities between the themes?

Cyber Plus has several similarities to Night City. Both have a sports theme and are designed for gamers. Cyber Plus is also similar to Night City because it is an incredibly stylish cyberpunk theme dedicated to gaming, sports leagues, and gaming studios. In addition, both themes were inspired by other games and draw heavily from them. 

Furthermore, they both have features that allow you to showcase some of your favorite games on your site or write about them with ease. Finally, both themes are excellent options for anyone who loves gaming and wants to share their passion with others online with style. In conclusion, both Cyber Plus and Night City are visually striking cyberpunk-themed WordPress themes that will make you feel like a legend wherever you go!

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