HALDA - The Latest Gaming Theme

HALDA - The Latest Gaming Theme

There’s no better way to say it - we just love games! We love how they bring people together, how they challenge us to learn new things, and how they make us laugh. And as much as we love them, we also understand that starting your own gaming business isn’t easy - especially if you don’t have the right tools and techniques to do so! So that’s why we created Halda, the latest gaming theme from  Gamesify, which comes packed with everything you need to kickstart your gaming business and get it up and running in no time at all!


HALDA - The Latest Gaming Theme

Main Features of Halda Gaming Theme

Responsive layout

While there is a lot of competition in gaming-theme-land, Halda can compete because it is completely responsive. While some responsive themes scale images or hide them to achieve a look on smaller devices, Halda was created from scratch to work flawlessly across any device or screen size. 

Because not everyone uses a 27 monitor (yet), we wanted to make sure that your site would work as well at 1920px wide as it does at 380px wide. Give your gaming fans what they want—whether they’re on their 15 laptops, their 24 monitors, or on their iPad while out and about. Most importantly: give them your content!

Powerful options

You will get a huge number of pre-created elements and modules, which are incredibly adjustable. Halda is great for games, esports, tech-savvy bloggers, and gaming business sites and furthermore, it has a ton of pre-arranged demos that you can use to make your site look awesome. Different alternatives will help you compose your site without confusion or outsourcing work. 

You’ll also be happy to utilize our item’s exploration record; there are numerous ready-to-utilize hacks in the Halda gaming theme. In addition, we’ve comprised our own custom shortcodes for each demo! This new shortcode organizer guarantees that you won’t overlook any widget or element on any pages utilizing our game theme!


HALDA - The Latest Gaming Theme

100% fully customizable

Use Halda to build your site and do what you want with it. It's an awesome gaming theme for people who want to show their personality, impress with top-quality graphics and style, and make money from a clean place for visitors to engage. Whether you are making a business or personal website, I would love to help you stand out. 100% of Halda is fully customizable including all widgets, menus, slider skins, etc... You can change anything! In addition, you can easily install new fonts & sliders or create your own!

Halda demo content

We’ve made things easy for you. Simply install WordPress and launch Halda, and you will have access to our demo content. You can start working on your gaming website right away. Don’t waste your time, start a new gaming site with all features built-in and customized according to your preferences: Leaderboards, forums, leveling up system, and more! Make it yours in minutes – be creative! And if you want extra help or want us to do something for you – let us know about it. You name it, we'll make it happen! But what are we actually talking about?

6 unique page templates

Halda has not only one but six main page templates for you to choose from, and each of them has a special design for a different page. You can use any of them on your site and get an unexpected surprise from their stunning presentation. Let’s see them! We will first talk about the Shop page; it has two columns with a full-width slider. 

Most parts of it are bordered by the purple color that’s matching well with all kinds of content, especially games and gaming theme items. On top is a cart button that is good enough to attract more visitors when used on the game shop website. Another template named News also has three columns and a left sidebar which shows that it is suitable for a news site or information pages about gamesamesor in the gaming industry.


HALDA - The Latest Gaming Theme
3 blog styles

Haldisis a gaming theme that has three amazing styles for you to choose from. The first is a characteristic Luscious Theme, the second is Elegant Style, and the third is Vintage Sports. They have all characteristics to make your gaming site more attractive and colorful. 

You can also change the color scheme in Admin Panel without modifying codes by choosing color combinations in the Palette section as well as enabling or disabling each element. With its built-in framework, you will no longer worry about codes or the quality of browser compatibility of your site on any device. Besides, just start it right now!

Professional Team Page

Showcase your company or group as a professional esports team! Display your sponsorship deals, big tournament wins, gameplay highlights, and more. Halda can look equally as good in a clean design showcasing products or services as it does in full-on gaming theme mode. Remember to include everything that makes you uniquely qualified to offer advice on how to improve your gameplay or community participation. 

Talk about your experiences playing games with (or against) fans! Also be sure to mention how gamers can reach out if they have any questions regarding new games, etc. As always, create an About Page so that visitors clearly know who they're talking to when they want expert esports gaming advice.


HALDA - The Latest Gaming Theme

ESports Page Template

To power your eSports site, you’ll need a solid Page Template that not only looks good but also has functionality. HALDA comes with an incredible esports template that features custom widgets and a super slick-looking cover image. You’ll easily be able to present all of your game competitions, groups, posts, and many more! Try it now!

Showcase Competitions, Groups, and so on using HALDA’s amazing ESport gaming theme which includes unique widgets that allow you to display information on game titles as well as upcoming events or game patches. It even makes use of Google Maps so you can show everyone where their favorite events are being held – another reason why our theme is one of the best in its class!

Live Demo and Download

Oblivion is one of those games I would go back to again and again, for years. It was rich with content, powerful in its simplicity, and created a magic system that enthralled me like few others. While Blizzard made great strides with its online gaming platform, there’s just something special about playing these kinds of games on your own computer. 

And while PC technology has surpassed anything imaginable at that time, no other game has filled that fantasy as perfectly as Oblivion and it still garners my recommendation.


HALDA - The Latest Gaming Theme
How to Install Halda Gaming Theme

You can download and install the Halda WordPress theme via FTP or a local server. You can also use one of WordPress's 5-star auto-installers to install the WordPress theme automatically for you! For a free installation guide, see: How to Install WordPress Themes Manually. Go to Appearance → Themes. 

Click Add New button. Upload/Install Halda Theme Zip File. Click Activate Plugin & Rebuild (if needed). Go to Appearance → Customize → Halda Options Panel to modify your website settings.

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