Minimog: 8+ Sophisticated Demos to Help Boost Your Ecommerce Sales

Minimog: 8+ Sophisticated Demos to Help Boost Your Ecommerce Sales

Using an eCommerce platform like Magento can be intimidating, especially if you’re running your own online store for the first time and have no experience coding or designing websites. That’s where Minimog comes in! With 60+ sophisticated demos to choose from, customizable header and footer styles, and lightning-fast speed, it’s not just easy to set up your eCommerce site—it will look great doing it too!


1) Personalized Website Demo

Check out our personalized website demo, which allows you to create a professional design for your homepage in seconds. All of our demos come with eight header styles and thirty footer styles, so you can easily change your header image, and menu color, or even make it transparent. Choose from over 400 free Google fonts that look great on any device.

Our eCommerce demos include WooCommerce integration and will help you sell more by enhancing SEO efforts on your website as well as providing custom headers and footers that help convert visitors into customers. Minimog is available as a WordPress theme only.

2) One Page Parallax Shop Demo

What if you could boost your e-Commerce sales with just one click? What if an e-Commerce template was so flexible that you could design a beautiful WordPress shop page in minutes using 1-click demos? Then, what if it came with all of our popular features, like 100% responsiveness and retina-ready design, top-of-the-line support, and tons of awesome widgets that make creating websites easy as pie. Well then, meet Minimog!

A flexible WordPress theme designed for all kinds of online shops. Plus it comes packed with 8+ sophisticated demos for retail stores (like fashion boutiques or electronics stores), bakeries, and other special niches that are great for commerce too.


3) ECommerce SaaS Demo

Minimog is a SaaS (Software as a Service) WordPress theme that allows merchants and online sellers of all sizes and niches to build powerful online stores. With a variety of eCommerce demos at your disposal, you can easily create an online store within minutes that match your brand and your unique selling proposition (USP). Start from scratch or choose from one of our pre-made demos with different color schemes and design elements already included in our 7 Header styles & 30 Footer styles bundles.

You will also have access to many other cool features like header banner image slider, custom widget areas, and even built-in SEO settings. Best of all? It’s 100% mobile responsive! You don’t need any coding skills whatsoever – simply install it via a simple WordPress plugin and then select which demo you want to use! Within minutes, you’ll be ready to go live with your own stylish online store! So what are you waiting for?

4) Mobile App Landing Page Demo

The best way to drive online traffic is with a landing page. With Minimog's mobile app landing page demo, you can easily highlight your most important information and lead viewers of your product towards conversion. You'll notice that some key elements of your site like CTAs are included in on-screen buttons.

The best part about Minimog is that it allows you to swap out content in these types of templates. This means you can customize these demos with relevant information and pages from your own store! What's even better than that? This demo comes packaged with so many features like 3D hover effects, a fully responsive layout, high-quality imagery, and more! Check out our mobile app demo today!


5) Corporate Bootstrap Business Demo

Minimog comes with a corporate Bootstrap business demo with the pixel-perfect implementation of the Bootstrap framework. This demo features product listing; product details page and cart pages. Minimog is built on top of Bootstrap and hence it’s as simple as installing and copying/pasting code from one page to another. Not only does minimog help you set up any website quickly but also gives you ultimate freedom in designing your own way for no extra cost.

It comes with 6 header styles and 30 footer styles which can be used on different pages. You can either use the default header style or create your own using the Custom CSS option available under the Header Settings tab. The same goes for footer styles which are created using the Custom CSS option under the Footer Settings tab. In short, minimog helps you build an e-commerce store in minutes without writing a single line of code.

6) Product Showcase Template Demo

Minimog features a product showcase template that allows your store visitors to quickly and easily navigate through all of your products. Minimog’s beautiful yet professional design is also set up so that it automatically scales up if you want to offer your customers more than 6 photos per product or video. How is it done?

The responsive design is implemented with liquid grids, making it possible for you to expand or contract any template as needed while maintaining consistent image sizes. In short, Minimog will keep looking great no matter how many photos or videos you decide to display on each product page!


7) Special Sections Preset Demo

Minimog includes 7 special sections presets such as archive, sitemap, and recent posts. You can choose any of them for your homepage layout. In addition, you can create your own custom footer by adding your own logo, social links, and contact information. Simply double-click on Minimog’s footer to customize it. This way you can get even more attention from viewers. SEO-Friendly Design: All Minimog demos are fully SEO-friendly.

So you don’t need to worry about search engine optimization while setting up a new website with our theme. Our designers have created a special page template that will be shown in search engines when they index your site. It contains all important elements that help search engines understand what kind of content is available on your site, how many pages you have, and where should they be placed in SERPs (search engine results pages). Those way users will find their desired products quickly and easily.

8) Business Catalog Template Demo

The Minimog Business Catalog Template is a great way to showcase your products, including product descriptions, prices, and related items. This can be a great way for customers to do research before making a purchase decision. Don’t let them leave without checking out your business catalog! We’ve included 10 pages of content; you can change anything you want using our powerful theme options.


It’s a perfect choice for web stores that sell clothing or other items that are best presented in images with lots of information. There are seven header styles and 30-footer styles available if you want something more personalized.

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